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Specify Slides to Include
Finalizing a Slide Show
A PowerPoint adds the slides to
the Slides in custom show list.
9 Click OK.
B PowerPoint adds the custom
show to the list.
0 Click Close .
! Click Custom Slide Show .
The menu lists all custom
slide shows for this particular
@ Click the custom show you
want to present.
PowerPoint starts your
custom slide show.
Can I show a range of slides quickly without
creating a custom slide show?
Yes. Click Set Up Slide Show on the Slide Show tab.
Under the Show Slides heading of the dialog box,
click the From option. Type the beginning and ending
slide numbers and then click OK. When you present
the slide show, only that range of slides are shown.
What if I do not want to show a slide located in
the middle of my presentation?
With a large presentation, it may be inconvenient to
build a custom show that excludes only one slide. In
this case, just hide the slide. Change to Slide Sorter
view, right-click the slide, and then click Hide Slide
on the shortcut menu.
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