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Rehearse Timing
Finalizing a Slide Show
4 Click the Pause button (
to suspend the timing.
The Recording Paused dialog
box appears.
5 Click Resume Recording .
After the last slide, a
message box asks if you
want to save the timings.
6 Click Yes to save the
timings, or click No to
exit the rehearsal without
saving the timings.
The presentation appears
in Design view.
E The timing applied to
each slide appears below
its thumbnail.
7 Click the Save icon (
to save the timings.
Rehearsing timings and recording a slide show seem to be the same thing. Are they?
They are very similar. You can have slides advance automatically through a slide show if you either rehearse
timing or record a show. The significant difference is that you can record a narrative and the movements of
the laser pointer when you record the show. Considering you usually record a show because you are absent
when the slide show is running, this is a pretty important difference. If the slide show runs on a kiosk or on
someone’s computer, you probably want to record a narration and the movements of the laser pointer.
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