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Save a Presentation
Starting with PowerPoint Basics
In this example, the filename is
7 Click the Save as Type down
arrow ( ) to change the file
type from the default.
Note: If you choose a format other
than the default PowerPoint format,
you may see a prompt about an
issue such as version compatibility.
Respond to the prompt to continue
8 Click Save .
PowerPoint saves the
presentation and the Save As
dialog box closes.
C The new filename appears in
the title bar.
I save presentations in a specific folder all the time. Is
there a quick way to locate that folder in the Save As
dialog box?
Yes. You can make your favorite folder the default local file
location in the PowerPoint Options dialog box. When you
perform a save, your favorite folder is the default location in
the Save As dialog box. See Chapter 3 to learn how to
change PowerPoint options.
Must I always use the Save As dialog box?
No. You can click the Save icon (
) on
the Quick Access Toolbar or press
To save a copy of your presentation under
a new name, click the File tab, click Save
As, and then specify a new filename and
save location.
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