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Record a Narration
Record a Narration
If you do not intend to present your PowerPoint show live — for example, if you are showing
your presentation at a kiosk — you can record a narration that talks the viewer through your key
points. Recording a slide show also sets up your presentation to advance automatically at the end of
each slide’s narration. This nice feature gives you the option to give the presentation in person, or
to personalize a presentation where you are not physically present. You do not necessarily need to
record the entire presentation; you can record just a few slides if you choose.
Record a Narration
1 Plug a microphone into
your computer.
2 Click the Slide Show tab.
3 Click Record Slide Show .
The Record Slide Show
dialog box appears.
4 Click to enable (
) both
5 Click Start Recording .
The slide show begins
and the Recording
toolbar appears.
6 Narrate the slide,
speaking clearly into the
7 Click the Next button
( ) to advance the
Note: See the section,
“Rehearse Timing,” to learn
more about the Recording
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