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Package a Presentation
Finalizing a Slide Show
The Copy to Folder dialog box appears.
6 Click in the Folder name text box, and then
type a name.
B Note the folder location where the presentation
package will be saved. You can click Browse to
change the location.
7 Click OK.
8 Click Yes in reply to the message
that asks, “Do you want to include
linked files in your package?”
C PowerPoint creates a
presentation package
and saves it in the
folder location that
you specified.
9 Send the entire folder to
your intended viewers.
In this example, the
PurchGroup1 folder is
sent to intended viewers.
D To view the slide show,
double-click the
Note: If the computer does
not have PowerPoint, this
action opens a web page to
download the PowerPoint
What is the purpose of the Options button?
You can click the Options button to open the Options
dialog box. This displays the options Linked files and
Embedded TrueType Fonts — always keep these enabled
( ). This ensures that your presentation looks the way
you intended. You can also set a password to open the
presentation and check for personal data that may be in
the presentation.
What is the Add button for?
You can include more than one presentation
in a package. Click the Add button and the
Add File dialog box appears — use it to
browse to another presentation. When you
find the presentation file you want to add,
click it and then click OK. PowerPoint adds
it to the list.
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