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Print Slides
Print Slides
You can create a printout of your slides if you want to review them on paper or if you want to give
your audience a handout. You can print a single slide, your entire presentation, or selected slides.
You can print slides in black and white, grayscale, or in color if you have a color printer available.
There are other options, too. You can print multiple slides per page, print your notes with slides, or
even frame slides so you can see white slides against the white, printed pages.
Print Slides
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Print .
PowerPoint displays the slide show
in Print Preview view.
3 Click the Slides down arrow (
4 Click Custom Range .
A You can click Print Current Slide
to print the visible slide.
B You can click Print Selection to
print the slides currently selected
in Normal view.
C You can print custom shows by
selecting them here.
5 Type the slide numbers you want
to print in the Slides text box,
separated by commas.
D Click the Information icon (
for more information.
This example types 1, 3-5, which
will print slide numbers 1, 3, 4,
and 5.
6 Click Print .
PowerPoint prints your selection
of slides.
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