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Print Hidden Slides
Print Hidden Slides
You may decide not to show every slide in a presentation, but you want to print the entire
presentation for someone to review. For example, you may want to hide information concerning
managers while presenting a slide show to workers, but you want Human Resources to review a hard
copy of the presentation. You can quickly switch between printing or not printing hidden slides with
a few clicks of the mouse button. By default, PowerPoint prints hidden slides, but you can easily
adjust print settings to exclude hidden slides from printing.
Print Hidden Slides
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Print .
The Print Preview appears.
A In this example, 26 pages are
scheduled to print.
3 Click the Slides down arrow (
4 Click Print Hidden Slides
( disappears from the menu).
B You can also click to print a
presentation section.
C PowerPoint changes the number
of pages now scheduled to print.
5 Click Print .
PowerPoint prints the presentation
without the hidden slides.
Note: The Print Hidden Slides option
is disabled if there are no hidden
slides in the presentation.
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