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Print Handouts with Microsoft Word
Printing Presentations
A document with the layout
you chose appears in Microsoft
Note: The Word document may
appear only as a blinking task on
the Windows taskbar. Click the
icon to see the Word document.
Note: Word does not save the
document automatically. If you are
keeping the handouts, save it now.
8 Edit the Word document just
like any other Word document.
A You can add, edit, and format
any text.
B You can delete slides and add
9 Click the Save icon ( ) to
save the Word document.
0 Click the Close button ( )
to close the Word document.
Why does my computer seem to lock up when
I create handouts with Microsoft Word?
The process takes a while, so you must be
patient. The Word document may open
minimized, which means it only appears on the
Windows taskbar. Go to the Windows taskbar
and click the Word document (it should be
blinking) to make it appear.
What is the difference between Paste and Paste link?
If you choose Paste , PowerPoint pastes images into the
Word document. If you select Paste link , the images in
Word are linked to the presentation, and you can
double-click the images to edit the presentation slides.
Choosing Paste link creates a smaller Word document,
but the presentation must accompany it. Choosing Paste
makes the Word document independent, but bigger.
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