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Print the Outline Only
Print the Outline Only
Sometimes you want to focus only on the presentation text and not the graphics. For example,
you may want to give a copy of the outline to audience members as a reference. It may also be
convenient for you to have only the bullet points on paper so you can look down at the podium
instead of looking at the projector screen during the slide show. You can print the presentation
outline to do just that. The printed outline includes titles, subtitles, and bullet points, but does not
include any text entered in footers or inserted text boxes.
Print the Outline Only
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Print .
PowerPoint displays the slide
show in Print Preview view.
3 Click the Print Layout down
arrow ( ).
The gallery of print layouts
4 Click Outline .
Print Preview changes to
Outline view, and the
orientation drop-down list
appears under the Settings
A You can click here to change
the orientation of the page.
5 Click Print .
PowerPoint prints the
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