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Frame Slides
Frame Slides
You can make your presentation handouts really sharp by framing the slides. When you print slides
with a frame, PowerPoint places a neat borderline around the edge of the slides and defines
them on the printed page. Having a frame around slides in a printout is particularly nice when the
slides of your presentation are white or a light color. The frame sets the slides apart from the white,
printed page, and improves the appearance of the printout by defining the edge of the slides.
Frame Slides
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Print .
PowerPoint displays the slide
show in Print Preview view.
3 Click the Slide Layout down
arrow ( ).
The gallery of print layouts
4 Click Frame Slides .
A Print Preview shows a border
around the slides.
5 Click Print .
PowerPoint prints the
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