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Start and End a Show
Start and End a Show
You typed a lot of text, inserted graphics, and worked with design settings. Finally, your hard
work pays off and you get to present your slide show. All you need is to start the slide show
and navigate through it. You can end the show at any time or view all of the slides. For the most
professional presentation possible, you probably want to start the show and have the first slide or a
black screen visible before the audience arrives. You can start the show from any view.
Start and End a Show
1 Click the Slide Show tab.
2 Click From Beginning .
Note: You can also press
begin the show.
The slide show begins.
When you move the mouse
pointer ( ), the on-screen
toolbar appears faintly in the
lower-left corner.
3 To end the show before you
reach the last slide, click the
Options icon ( ) on the
on-screen toolbar.
4 Click End Show .
Note: You can also end the slide
show by pressing
The slide show closes.
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