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Use the Pointer
Use the Pointer
You have options regarding how you use the mouse pointer during the slide show, such as showing
or hiding it. The laser pointer is also a great way to draw your audience’s attention to a particular
spot on a slide. The laser pointer is an on-screen tool that gives the illusion that you are pointing
at the screen with a hand-held laser pointer. You can quickly and easily enable and use the laser
pointer during your slide show to point something out with flair and style, or you can stick with the
faithful standard mouse pointer.
Use the Pointer
1 With your presentation in Slide
Show view, click the Options
icon (
) on the on-screen
2 Click Arrow Options .
3 Click a setting from the menu.
Automatic shows the mouse
pointer ( ), but hides it when
inactive; Visible shows the
mouse pointer continuously;
Hidden hides the mouse pointer
4 Click the Pen icon (
) on the
on-screen toolbar.
5 Click Laser Pointer .
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