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Mark Up with Pen and Highlighter
Presenting a Slide Show
5 Click the Pen icon (
) on
the on-screen toolbar.
6 Click Highlighter .
The pointer changes to a
rectangular patch of color
on the screen.
7 Click and drag on the screen over
the area you want to highlight.
A thick, translucent line appears
where you dragged the mouse.
8 Press to turn off the
9 Press to exit the slide show.
PowerPoint asks if you want to
save your annotations.
0 Click Keep or Discard .
Why can I not seem to erase my
You can only erase annotations during
the current session of your slide show. If
you exited the slide show and saved the
annotations when prompted, they are
permanent and you cannot erase them
the next time you view the slide show.
Why does PowerPoint exit the slide show when I press the
Escape key to clear the Pen?
You may have pressed a second time, which exits the
slide show. Be patient, it sometimes takes a few seconds for
the Pen or Highlighter to change back to the mouse pointer
( ). You may need to move the mouse to see the pointer if
your on-screen arrow option is set to Automatic, which hides
the pointer when inactive.
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