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Open an Existing Presentation
Open an Existing Presentation
After you save and close a presentation, you must find it and open it the next time you want to
use it — you need to open it to design it as well as to present the slide show. You can locate
your presentation by using the Open dialog box to browse your computer for it. If you used the
presentation recently, the quickest way to open it is to find it in the Recent Presentations list in
Backstage view.
Open an Existing Presentation
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Open .
3 Click Recent Presentations .
The Recent Presentations list
A You can click the Pushpin
( ) to pin a presentation
to the list (
changes to
4 If you find your presentation
on the list, click it and
PowerPoint opens it.
5 If your presentation is not on
the Recent Presentations list,
Click Computer .
B If you find your folder location
in the Recent Folders, you can
click it there.
6 Click Browse .
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