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Erase Annotations
Erase Annotations
When you work with the Pen and Highlighter tools to mark up a slide, in essence, the slide
becomes a whiteboard or blackboard. These tools allow you to circle or highlight many things
in your slide show. However, you may want to remove some markings from a slide if you marked the
wrong thing or if you need more room on a slide where there are too many markings. You can remove
annotations from the slide using a tool in the on-screen toolbar.
Erase Annotations
1 With your presentation in
Slide Show view, click the
Pen icon ( ) on the
on-screen toolbar.
2 Click Eraser .
The mouse pointer ( )
changes to an eraser ( ).
A You can click Erase All Ink
on Slide to remove all
annotations from the
current slide.
3 Position the eraser ( ) over
an annotation and click the
The annotation disappears.
4 Press
to clear the
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