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Display Slide Show Help
Display Slide Show Help
You probably do not know everything about PowerPoint, so you may need help during the slide
show. If you need help running your show after starting it, you do not need to stop the show
to open PowerPoint Help. The slide show on-screen help shows shortcuts for running the show and
managing presentation features such as pointer options. If you are using Presenter view, you can
open the on-screen help for the slide show without the audience seeing it because it opens on the
Presenter view screen on your laptop.
Display Slide Show Help
1 With your presentation in Slide
Show view, click the Options
icon ( ) on the toolbar.
Note: You can also right-click the
screen to display the shortcut menu.
2 Click Help .
Note: You can also press
the slide show to see Help.
The Slide Show Help
window appears.
A PowerPoint categorizes
the shortcuts with a tab
for each category.
3 Look up the shortcut to
perform the procedure
you want.
The shortcut is in the
left column and the
description is in the
right column.
4 When you finish, click OK.
The Help window closes.
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