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Enable Presenter View
Enable Presenter View
You can give a smooth presentation by using Presenter view. You can view your presentation
complete with speaker notes on your computer, while the audience views only the slide show
on the main screen. With Presenter view, you can see your notes, the slide show controls are
continuously visible and accessible, and PowerPoint Help shows only on your monitor. If you need to
go to the All Slides view to go to a particular slide, only you see it. A timer shows the elapsed time,
and you can see both the current and the next slide.
Enable Presenter View
1 Click the Slide Show tab.
2 Click Use Presenter View
( changes to ).
3 Begin the slide show.
Your laptop shows
Presenter view.
A You can click Display
Settings to specify
which screen shows the
main show and which
screen shows Presenter
B You can click Show
Taskbar to switch to a
different program.
C You can click Black
Screen ( ) to display
a black screen.
4 Click End Slide Show .
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