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Switch to a Different Program
Presenting a Slide Show
The program you clicked
appears on the screen.
5 To return to your slide show,
find the slide show on the
taskbar and click it.
A You can also click the Close
button ( ) to close the
program, Excel in this
example, or the Minimize
button (
) to minimize the
The slide show reappears.
Can I open a program during a slide show?
Yes. When the taskbar appears, you can use it in any
way that you normally would, including to go to the
Windows 8 Start screen to open a program. You can
also press to switch between the Windows 8
Start screen and the slide show.
Is there another way to switch to a different
Yes. If you are using a laptop and the audience is
watching on a projector screen or monitor, you can
use Presenter view. Presenter view has a command
button for this very purpose. You can switch to
another program with one click of the mouse.
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