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Compare Presentations
Publishing a Presentation
The Reviewing pane (also called the Revisions pane)
7 Click a slide with changes, or click Next to go to
the first change.
A Changes are marked with an icon ( ).
B Changes to slides appear in the Slide Changes box.
C Changes to the presentation, such as slide
deletions, appear in the Presentation Changes box.
8 Click a marker (
When you position the mouse pointer (
) over a
marker, the details of the change appear.
9 Click Accept .
D Accepted changes display check marks.
0 Click Previous or Next to go to other changes.
! Click End Review .
A dialog box appears, asking if
you want to end the review.
@ Click Yes .
Note: PowerPoint rejects any
unaccepted changes.
Can I see the slides from the edited
Yes. The Reviewing pane automatically appears with
the Details tab displayed. Click the Slides tab in the
Reviewing pane, and PowerPoint shows you the slide
from the edited presentation that correlates to the
slide that you have selected in your presentation.
Can I reverse accepting a change?
Yes. Accepted changes display check marks. Click an
accepted change and then click the Reject command
button on the Review tab. Any changes that are not
accepted are automatically rejected when you end
the review; however, you can always run the
comparison again.
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