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Make a PDF Document from a Presentation
Make a PDF Document from a Presentation
You can make a PDF (portable document format) file from your presentation so that anyone with
a PDF reader can view your presentation. A PDF file can be viewed on virtually any computer
because PDF readers are free. This feature allows you the convenience of creating a PDF file without
the expense of buying a PDF writer! Another benefit of a PDF file is that you can view it on a
computer monitor or print it on paper. By saving a presentation as a PDF file, you preserve your
presentation’s fonts, formatting, and images.
Make a PDF Document from a Presentation
1 Click the File tab to
show Backstage view.
2 Click Export .
3 Click Create PDF/XPS
Document .
4 Click Create PDF/XPS .
The Publish as PDF or
XPS dialog box appears.
5 Click the folder where
you want to save your
6 Click the File Name
text box.
7 Type a name.
8 Click Options .
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