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Make a PDF Document from a Presentation
Publishing a Presentation
A You can output any of the four
types of printouts (see Chapter 14).
B If you choose Handouts , you can
specify the number of slides per
C You can select a range of slides to
9 Click OK.
0 Click Publish .
PowerPoint creates the PDF file in the
specified folder and shows the status.
PowerPoint opens the file with your PDF reader.
I do not have a PDF reader on my computer.
Where can I find one?
PDF viewers are free, and most computers already
have a PDF reader installed at the time of purchase.
However, if you do not have one, you can go to the
Adobe website,, and download their
Acrobat Reader.
What is the advantage to preserving the fonts,
formatting, and images of my presentation?
Computers can have different sets of fonts loaded
with their software. It is possible that a computer
viewing your presentation does not have the font
you used. Preserving the fonts, formatting, and
images carries that information along with the
presentation so it looks the same on any computer.
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