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Create a Video of a Presentation
Publishing a Presentation
7 Click the text box
and type a default
The default time
refers to how long a
slide appears if
it has no timings
associated with it or
you chose not
to use timings.
D You can click Help
for online help.
8 Click Create Video .
The Save As dialog box
9 Click the folder where you
want to save the video.
0 Click the File name text box
to select it, and then type a
E You can click here to change
the file type.
! Click Save .
The dialog box closes and
PowerPoint creates the video
in the specified folder.
Why does nothing seem to happen when I click
It takes a long time for PowerPoint to make the
video. Curiously enough, it does not notify you
when it is done. However, while it is working, you
see a status meter and Cancel button at the bottom
in the status bar. When the status meter disappears,
the video is done.
Why would I want to change the resolution?
The higher the resolution of your video, the bigger
the file, and the more memory it takes to run it.
This affects load times and sometimes the quality
of playback if computer resources are limited. The
Resolution drop-down list has settings for the
Internet and for portable devices. You can change
the resolution for your target audience.
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