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Save a Presentation as a Slide Show
Save a Presentation as a Slide Show
You can make it easy on your audience and yourself by viewing your presentation through a
PowerPoint Show. You can save the presentation so that it opens automatically in Slide Show
view. To open it, you navigate to it with Windows Explorer, double-click it, and it opens as a slide
show. This is particularly convenient if you are not familiar with PowerPoint but want to do a slide
show. Not having to open the file through the PowerPoint program also prevents your audience from
seeing your design copy.
Save a Presentation as a Slide Show
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Export .
3 Click Change File Type .
4 Click PowerPoint Show .
5 Click and drag the scroll bar
to scroll to the bottom of the
screen to show the Save As
6 Click Save As .
The Save As dialog box
7 Click the folder where you
want to save your file.
8 Click the File name text box.
9 Type a filename.
0 Click Save .
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