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Publish Slides as Graphics
Publish Slides as Graphics
You can create a graphic of each slide in your presentation so that you can use them for different
purposes. You may want to post them on a website, make high-quality prints, or make them part
of a database. You can create either PNG images or JPEG images. PNG are print quality and JPEG
are Internet or database quality. There is no need to create a new folder to hold the graphic files,
because PowerPoint creates a new folder during this process.
Publish Slides as Graphics
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Export .
3 Click Change File Type .
4 Click an image file type.
This example selects PNG
Portable Network Graphics .
5 Click and drag the scroll bar
to scroll to the bottom of the
screen so you can see the
Save As button.
6 Click Save As .
The Save As dialog box
7 Click the folder where you
want to save your file.
8 Click the File name text box.
9 Type a filename.
This example uses the
filename, ECG(Motivation).
0 Click Save .
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