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Broadcast a Presentation
Publishing a Presentation
The Present Online dialog box
appears. You are connected and
can start presenting at any time.
9 Click Copy Link .
0 Paste the link into an e-mail and
send it to your audience.
Audience members can copy and
paste the link from their e-mail
into a web browser.
! Click Start Presentation .
Note: You may need to wait for all
audience members to join the slide
show. If the slide show has begun
when they join the web session, it
appears in their web browser. If
the slide show has not yet started,
a message appears, telling them to
wait for it to begin.
@ Present the slide show.
# When the slide show ends,
click End Online Presentation .
$ In the dialog box that appears,
click End Online Presentation .
What is the Send in Email link in the Present
Online dialog box?
If you use Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail
program, you can click Send in Email . Outlook
then composes a new message and automatically
pastes the link into the e-mail, so all you need
to do is to add e-mail addresses to the e-mail.
Can I send more invitations after closing the Present
Online dialog box or after starting the show?
Yes. If you started the slide show, press to stop it
and display Normal view. Click the Present Online tab,
and then click Send Invitations . The Present Online
dialog box appears and you can send more invitations to
join the show. Click From Beginning to restart the show.
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