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Close a Presentation
Close a Presentation
When you finish working with a presentation, you can close it. Closing the presentation gives you
a less cluttered workspace on your computer and frees valuable computer memory to process
other work that you need to do. If you share the file with others on a network, closing it allows them
to access the file without worrying about sharing violations.
When you close a file with unsaved changes, PowerPoint prompts you to save the presentation to
avoid accidentally losing your work. For more on saving a presentation, see the section, “Save a
Presentation,” in this chapter.
Close a Presentation
1 Click the Close button (
A message may appear, asking if
you want to save changes.
2 Click Save .
A If you do not want to save the
changes to your presentation, click
Don’t Save .
B To abort closing the presentation,
click Cancel .
The file closes, but PowerPoint
remains open.
Note: You can also close the
presentation by pressing
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