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Save the Presentation to SkyDrive
Publishing a Presentation
Save to SkyDrive
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Save As .
3 Click your SkyDrive .
4 Click Browse .
B The Save As dialog box
appears with the Documents
folder in SkyDrive selected.
5 Click the File name text box.
6 Type a name.
7 Click Save .
PowerPoint saves your
presentation to SkyDrive.
I previously saved my presentation to my
computer. Where is it now?
Just like any other Save As operation, you now have
a presentation in both the original save location on
your computer and SkyDrive. If you want people to
see changes that you make, you need to make the
changes to the presentation in the SkyDrive
Now that I saved the presentation to SkyDrive,
how do I get to it?
Double-click your user folder icon on your Desktop,
and then look in your user folder (the user folder in
the example in this section is named Bill Wood).
The folder is named SkyDrive and the icon looks like
two clouds. You can also click SkyDrive on your
Windows 8 Start screen.
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