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Share the Presentation with SkyDrive
Publishing a Presentation
Share via a Link
Note: You must save the
presentation to SkyDrive
before creating a link.
1 Click the File tab to
show Backstage view.
2 Click Share .
3 Click Get a Sharing
Link .
4 Click Create Link .
B PowerPoint creates a
link to the presentation
on SkyDrive. You can
copy and paste this link
into a web browser to
access the presentation.
Note that there is a link
for editing and a link
for viewing.
Note: You can paste this
link to a Word or Notepad
document and put it on a
network drive for people to
access, or you can send it
to someone in an instant
When I click Invite People, a button appears that
says Save to Cloud. What does this mean?
You have not yet saved the presentation to
SkyDrive. Click Save to Cloud and the Save As
screen appears. Then save the presentation to
SkyDrive (for more information, see the section,
“Save the Presentation to SkyDrive”).
I want to give permission to edit to some people,
and permission to view to others. Can I do that?
You can repeat Steps to for each person; in this 8
case, you would need to do it twice. Repeat the
process, but change the recipients, the message,
and the choice in Step from Can edit to Can view . 6
Click Share , and PowerPoint adds those people with
viewing permission.
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