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Work with Ribbon Groups, Commands, and Galleries
Work with Ribbon Groups, Commands, and Galleries
You can find all the commands that you need to design and present your slide show on the ribbon.
The ribbon is the user interface at the top of the PowerPoint window. Commands are necessary
to design your presentation, and knowing their location allows you to find them quickly so you can
work efficiently.
Related commands are grouped on the ribbon tabs. Commands are further arranged into groups on
the tab, with the group names shown at the bottom of the group. Some command buttons include
down arrows that display menus or galleries of commands when you click them.
Work with Ribbon Groups, Commands, and Galleries
1 Click any tab on the ribbon.
This example selects the View tab.
The commands for the particular
tab you clicked appear on the
2 Click the button or check box for
any command.
This example selects Macro.
The Macro dialog box appears.
3 Click Cancel to cancel the
4 Click the down arrow ( ) next to
any button to display a gallery.
Note: Clicking a down arrow (
displays a menu or menu.
5 Click the desired choice from the
menu or gallery that appears.
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