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Arrange Presentation Windows
Arrange Presentation Windows
Sometimes you need to view multiple presentations on-screen at once — for example, when you
want to compare their contents or copy a slide from one presentation to another. You can arrange
PowerPoint in such a way that you can see multiple open presentations at the same time. This handy
feature is found on the View tab.
You should limit the number of open presentations to three or four. Otherwise, you cannot see
enough of each presentation to make this feature useful.
Arrange Presentation Windows
1 Open two or more presentations.
2 Click the View tab.
3 Click Cascade ( ).
The presentation windows move
so they overlap.
A You can click Switch Windows
and then click a presentation in
the menu to make that
presentation active.
4 Click Arrange All (
The presentation windows appear
side by side.
B You can drag a window’s title bar
to move the window.
5 Click the Maximize button (
on one of the windows.
The window appears full screen
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