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Resize the Notes Pane
Resize the Notes Pane
It is often handy to have notes associated with slides. You may want to refer to notes while
designing a slide or during a slide show presentation. You can enter notes into the Notes
pane, which appears under the Slide pane in Normal view. Notes entered into the Notes pane are
automatically displayed in Presenter view during a slide show presentation, but your audience cannot
see the notes. (See Chapter 15 for more information on Presenter view.) You can resize the Notes
pane to make it easier to enter and read the notes.
Resize the Notes Pane
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Notes .
A The Notes pane appears.
3 Position the mouse pointer ( )
over the pane divider until the
mouse splitter pointer (
4 Click and drag upward.
The Notes pane resizes and the
slide automatically resizes in the
Slide pane to compensate.
5 Click Notes to hide the Notes
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