Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Zoom to Full Screen
Navigating PowerPoint
The ribbon appears. You can now
access the ribbon commands.
The ribbon disappears after
executing a command or clicking
a slide. Repeat Step each time 5
you want to execute a command.
View the Ribbon Continuously
1 Click the Ribbon Display
Options button ( ).
2 Click Show Tabs and Commands .
PowerPoint returns to the
window view.
I need more space to work, but I want to use the
Quick Access Toolbar. Can I hide the ribbon?
Yes. To hide the ribbon, simply double-click a tab
and the ribbon disappears except for the tabs. Click
a tab and the ribbon appears temporarily so you can
execute a command. Double-click a tab again to
show the tab continuously.
Is there an advantage to using the Full Screen
feature over using Reading view?
Yes. You cannot design the presentation in Reading
view, so if you want to work on your presentation,
use the Full Screen feature. If you want to quickly
view the slide show and then quickly come back to
design mode, use Reading view.
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