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Navigate Slides
Navigate Slides
Slide show presentations generally contain many slides. As a result, PowerPoint provides different
ways to navigate the slides so that you can choose one that is most efficient and effective for
what you are doing. The way you work on your project determines the way you choose to navigate.
You can use the various scroll bar buttons to navigate slides in Normal view, click a slide in the
Slides Thumbnail pane to select a slide, or view slide thumbnails in Slide Sorter view.
Navigate Slides
Navigate Using the Scroll Bar
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Normal .
3 Click and drag the scroll bar to
scroll through slides.
4 Click the Next Slide button
( ) to display the next slide.
5 Click the Previous Slide button
) to display the previous slide.
Navigate Using the Slide
Thumbnail Pane
1 Click and drag the scroll bar to
move through the slides.
2 Click a slide thumbnail.
The selected slide appears in
the Slide pane.
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