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Introducing PowerPoint Options
Changing PowerPoint Options
Advanced Options
Advanced options allow you to customize settings
for printing, some editing, and slide show features.
Some settings, such as print options, only apply to
individual PowerPoint presentations. Advanced
options control what you see on the screen during
slide show presentations. For example, you can
control whether you see the pop-up toolbar during
presentations. The s lide show pop-up toolbar allows
you to perform various tasks during a slide show
presentation. Cut, copy, and paste options and
display options are also found here.
Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Options
Although you can add a limited number of
commands to the Quick Access Toolbar from the
toolbar itself, you can add any command to it from
the Quick Access Toolbar tab in the Options dialog
box. Along with being able to add commands to the
ribbon, you can also add tabs, add groups, and
rename existing tabs and groups. An excellent use
of this feature is to create a ribbon tab with your
most commonly used commands so they are at your
fingertips on a single tab, thereby making design
work efficient and effective.
Add-ins are small chunks of programming that
enhance the functionality of PowerPoint. Add-ins
can be developed specifically for PowerPoint, or can
be Component Object Model (COM) add-ins that
enable you to use the functionality of another
program in PowerPoint, such as a PDF writer or
screen-capture program. You can get add-ins that
give you special tools to design presentations or
that add special functionality to your slide shows.
Add-ins are available through third parties, or you
can create them if you have programming
Trust Center
In the Trust Center , you can read the Microsoft
privacy statements and learn about security.
Malicious programs can be attached to documents
in various ways. You can customize settings to
control the behavior of safeguards used against
these threats. If you open only presentations that
you trust, you can minimize security so there is no
need to respond to security messages. If you open
presentations of unknown origin, you can heighten
the security so that malicious programs cannot
affect your computer through a PowerPoint
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