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Modify General Options
Modify General Options
PowerPoint provides a wide variety of options that enable you to customize how it works. Options
for features such as Live Preview, ScreenTips, and the Mini Toolbar are found in General options.
These settings determine whether you see the Start screen when you open PowerPoint and which file
extensions PowerPoint will open. You can also change the username, which PowerPoint records in
the properties of each presentation to identify who creates it. You can change these options in the
General tab of the PowerPoint Options dialog box.
Modify General Options
1 Click the File tab to show Backstage
2 Click Options .
The PowerPoint Options dialog box
3 Click General .
4 Click to enable (
) or disable (
options under the User Interface
options heading.
A You can position your mouse pointer
) over the Information icon (
to see a brief description of an
B You can click the Office Background
down arrow ( ) and select a color
scheme for the PowerPoint window.
C You can click the ScreenTip style
down arrow ( ) and select a
ScreenTip style to display when you
position the mouse pointer (
) over
a command.
5 Click Default Programs .
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