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Change Spelling Options
Change Spelling Options
Misspellings in presentations are never good. The powerful spell-checker in Microsoft Office
automatically and continually checks spelling in PowerPoint as you type. The spell-checker
identifies possible misspellings by underlining them with a red, wavy line. To review a word, you
can simply right-click it. You can use this tool to check spelling as you type text, or you can disable
the tool. When you need to check spelling, you can always use the spell-checker manually. You can
customize how the spell-checker handles possible misspellings in the PowerPoint Options.
Change Spelling Options
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Options .
The PowerPoint Options
dialog box appears.
3 Click Proofing .
4 Click to enable ( ) or
disable ( ) options that
determine how spell-checker
flags certain errors.
Note: Changes that you make
here also affect the spell-checker
in the other Microsoft Office
5 Click Custom Dictionaries.
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