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Change AutoCorrect Settings
Changing PowerPoint Options
The AutoCorrect dialog box appears.
5 Click the AutoCorrect tab.
6 Click to enable ( ) or disable
( ) any of the standard AutoCorrect options.
A To disable the misspelling correction feature,
click the Replace text as you type
option (
changes to
7 To add a word to the list, type the misspelled
version of the word in the Replace: text box.
8 Type the correct spelling of the word in the
With: text box.
9 Click Add .
B You can delete a word from the list by clicking it
and then clicking Delete .
0 Click OK in each of the two open dialog boxes.
PowerPoint applies your new settings.
AutoCorrect thinks the word “TO.” is the end of a sentence and
capitalizes the next letter. How can I prevent this?
You can add the word to a list of exceptions by following these steps:
1 Follow Steps to in this 5
2 Click the Exceptions button.
3 Click the First Letter tab.
4 Type your exception in the
Don’t capitalize after: text box.
5 Click Add .
6 Click OK.
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