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Customize Save Options
Changing PowerPoint Options
6 Click to enable ( ) or disable ( )
options under the Save presentations
A If desired, click the spinner box ( ) to
change the number of minutes between
AutoRecover saves.
B Click to deselect ( ) the Save
AutoRecover information every option
to disable the automatic saving feature.
C AutoRecover files are discarded when you
close PowerPoint. Click to enable ( )
this option to retain the last file if you
close without saving the file.
D To change the default save location, type
a new default location.
7 Click the Embed fonts in the file option
( changes to ).
E The fonts for this particular presentation
are saved with it, so it will not appear
differently when viewed on a system
without those fonts.
F You can further specify whether to embed
all characters or only those in use.
8 Click OK.
PowerPoint applies your new settings and
closes the PowerPoint Options dialog box.
What are the pros and cons of having the
AutoRecover feature save frequently?
AutoRecover automatically saves your work at regular
intervals in case PowerPoint closes unexpectedly.
However, the pause you experience during the save
might be lengthy if your presentation is large. You
can disable AutoRecover if you do not want to be
inconvenienced with this pause.
Why would I want to embed fonts in a
Some fonts are not available on every computer. If you
view your presentation on a computer that is missing
the fonts you used to design it, PowerPoint replaces
the fonts with standard fonts from that computer.
Embedded fonts travel with the presentation to ensure
they are always in the presentation.
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