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Modify View and Slide Show Options
Changing PowerPoint Options
A You can position your mouse
pointer ( ) over the information
icon ( ) to see a brief description
of an option.
7 Click the Open all documents
using this view down arrow (
8 Click a viewing choice.
PowerPoint uses the specified view
when opening presentations.
9 Click to enable ( ) or disable
( ) options affecting behavior
during a slide show.
B Determines whether you can use
the shortcut menu.
C Controls the toolbar that faintly
appears at the bottom-left corner
of slides.
D Determines whether you can save
annotations you made on the
slides upon exiting the slide show.
E Determines whether the slide show
ends with a blank, black slide.
0 Click OK.
PowerPoint applies your new
settings and closes the PowerPoint
Options dialog box.
What is the benefit of opening the presentation in
Outline view?
If you start viewing the outline alone, you can concentrate
on building the text for the presentation. This can be
particularly helpful when you need a clean slate on which to
organize your thoughts. The graphics of a slide can distract
you from your outline because you may start thinking about
the slide design.
Can I save annotations if I disable
the Prompt to keep ink annotations
when exiting option?
No. You can only save annotations by
using the dialog box that prompts you
to save them at the end of the slide
show presentation. The prompt does not
appear if you disable this option.
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