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Work with Print Options
Changing PowerPoint Options
5 Click to enable (
) or disable (
options under the Print heading.
A Print in background enables you to
work in PowerPoint while printing.
B Print TrueType fonts as graphics
prevents distortion of fonts.
C Enable this setting to use the printer’s
resolution settings to ensure quality
printing of graphics.
D High quality increases the resolution
of graphics, but can slow printing.
6 The next options apply to a single
presentation; click the down arrow
( ) to select which presentation
these options will affect.
7 Click the Use the following print
settings option ( changes to ).
The related settings become available.
8 Click to select print settings.
9 Click OK.
PowerPoint applies your new settings
and closes the PowerPoint Options
dialog box.
How can I change print settings for a presentation
that is not on the When printing this document
drop-down list?
Only open presentations appear on this list; the current
presentation is the default. Click Cancel to close the
PowerPoint Options dialog box. Open the presentation
file, and then reopen the PowerPoint Options dialog
box. That presentation now appears in the list.
My printer prints slowly. How can I fix this?
You can try a couple of things. Enabling the
Print in background option can slow down
your printer, so try disabling this feature. Also,
disable Print inserted objects at printer
resolution . This option can slow printing
because it may change the resolution of
graphics, which can take considerable time.
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