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Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
The Quick Access Toolbar appears above the ribbon in the upper-left corner of the PowerPoint
window. You can move it below the ribbon if you like. This toolbar offers buttons for the most
frequently used commands, providing even easier access than the ribbon.
You can add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar to quickly access the commands you use the most,
and you can remove buttons that you do not use. This allows you to reduce the number of clicks
needed to run commonly used commands, thus streamlining your design work.
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
1 Click the Quick Access
Toolbar down arrow (
2 Click More Commands .
The PowerPoint Options dialog
box appears, with Quick Access
Toolbar displayed.
3 Click the down arrow ( ) and
select the category or tab that
holds the command button you
want to add to the Quick Access
4 Find your desired command on
the list and click it.
A To add a command to the
toolbar of a particular
presentation, click the down
arrow ( ) and select that
presentation from the Customize
Quick Access Toolbar list.
5 Click Add .
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