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Customize the Ribbon
Customize the Ribbon
You can add commands to the PowerPoint ribbon, as well as add tabs and groups. Adding
commands to the ribbon adds proficiency to the way you handle tasks and commands. An
excellent use of this feature is creating a ribbon tab with your most commonly used commands so
they are at your fingertips on a single tab, thereby making design work efficient and effective. You
can add commands to existing tabs and rename existing tabs and groups.
Customize the Ribbon
Tour the Ribbon Tab Outline
1 Click the File tab to show
Backstage view.
2 Click Options .
The PowerPoint Options dialog box
3 Click Customize Ribbon .
4 Click the plus sign (
) to expand a
level (
changes to
, which is used
to collapse a level).
A The first level of names on the list
shows ribbon tabs.
B The second level shows ribbon groups.
C The third level shows ribbon
commands, or ribbon menus and
D The fourth level shows commands of
ribbon menus and galleries that are on
the third level.
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