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Customize the Ribbon
Changing PowerPoint Options
Add a Custom Tab to the Ribbon
1 Click the check box ( ) to disable a tab
and remove it from the ribbon (
to ).
2 Click the plus sign ( ) to collapse the
Home tab ( changes to ).
3 Click a tab name from the list — your
custom tab is inserted below it.
4 Click New Tab .
E A new tab appears with one new group.
5 Click New Tab (Custom) .
F You can use the Up ( ) and Down ( )
buttons to change the position of the tab.
G You can remove a custom tab by clicking
Remove .
6 Click Rename .
The Rename dialog box appears.
7 Type a name in the text box.
8 Click OK.
How do I make the ribbon look like it did
when I first installed PowerPoint?
To reset the ribbon, follow these steps:
1 Follow Steps to in this section. 3
2 Click the Reset button.
3 Click Reset all customizations .
4 Click OK.
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