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Customize the Ribbon
Customize the Ribbon (continued)
How people use ribbon commands depends upon how they work with PowerPoint. In fact,
PowerPoint users often have a group of commands that they frequently use, and so many
advanced users create a single tab with all of their favorite commands on it. You can group
commonly used commands on a custom tab to make it easier than ever to design your presentation.
Creating a presentation takes time, so you can make your design process faster and more effective by
creating tabs with your favorite commands on it.
Customize the Ribbon (continued)
A The tab name changes to MyTab.
Add a Group
1 Click the plus sign (
) to expand
the Insert tab (
changes to
2 Click a group name from the list;
your custom group is inserted
below it.
3 Click New Group .
B A new group level appears.
Add a Command
1 Click New Group (Custom) .
2 Click a command from the list.
3 Click Add .
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