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Customize the Ribbon
Changing PowerPoint Options
4 Repeat Steps and for any 3
commands you want in any
group, including existing groups.
C PowerPoint adds your commands
to New Group (Custom).
5 Click OK.
The PowerPoint Options dialog
box closes, and the ribbon
reflects the changes you made.
D PowerPoint adds MyTab to the
E PowerPoint adds the group,
New Group, to MyTab.
F PowerPoint adds the selected
commands to New Group.
Why do some of the commands that I
added to my custom group not work?
Some commands require you to select an
object or text before you can use them.
Select an object or text, and then try
using the commands — they should now
be available to use.
On the left side of the Options dialog box, I cannot find
the command I want in the selected category. Is there
another place to look?
Yes. Click the down arrow ( ) on Choose commands from ,
and then click All Commands . If the command is currently
available, it appears in the list of all commands. Keep in mind
that PowerPoint 2013 may have removed some commands.
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