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Explore Text Formatting Options
You can use various text formatting tools in PowerPoint to change the appearance of selected
Explore Text Formatting Options
text. The Font and Paragraph groups on the Home tab of the ribbon provide most of the tools
you need, or you can make formatting changes in the Font or Paragraph dialog boxes. You can also
change the formatting of entire placeholders using the Quick Styles command on the Home tab.
Change the Font
When you type text on a slide, it is formatted with a font that is
determined by the presentation theme you apply. The font (lettering
type) gives a certain look and feel to your presentation, such as formal
or informal. Changing the formatting of text can emphasize a certain
word or line. You can change the font for selected text or for all text in
a title or bulleted list.
Resize Text
Properly sizing presentation text makes the text more readable and
attractive. You can modify the text size to reflect the environment
where you make the presentation. Smaller text may be readable for a
presentation viewed on a kiosk, but larger text may be needed to ensure
clarity in a lecture hall. You can also use size to emphasize words.
Change Text Color and Other Attributes
You can use text color for both design and practical purposes. The text
color should be appealing to the eye. More importantly, it should provide
a good contrast against the slide background so that the text is easy to
read. You can also apply attributes such as bold, italic, and underline to
slide text. Use colors and attributes to add emphasis to important words
or phrases in your presentation.
Selecting Text or Placeholders
You can change the formatting of the text in a placeholder — how you
select the placeholder determines which text changes. To select text in a
placeholder, simply click the text, click and drag across it, or double-click
a word. The placeholder border becomes a dashed line. To select the
entire placeholder, click the border. The border becomes solid and your
changes affect all of the text in the placeholder.
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