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Add a Slide
Add a Slide
When you open a new presentation, PowerPoint creates a blank title slide. To build your
presentation, you can add as many slides as you like — just select one from the several slide
templates that are available in the slide gallery by default.
Determine the number of slides in your presentation based upon how many topics you want to cover
and the time you have available to cover them. Each slide should cover or detail a new topic.
Add a Slide
1 With a presentation open,
click the Home tab.
2 Click the New Slide down
arrow ( ).
3 Click the desired slide layout
from the gallery.
A new blank slide appears
with the specified layout.
Note: Depending on
circumstances, clicking the top
half of the New Slide button
inserts a slide with either the
Title and Content layout or the
same layout as the current slide.
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