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Delete a Slide in Normal View
Delete a Slide in Normal View
As you build your presentation, you may decide you do not need a particular slide. In this case,
you can simply delete that slide. It is common to use an existing presentation as the basis for
other presentations. In that situation, you may need to delete several slides that are irrelevant or
out of date. You can either hide or delete slides. If you are confident that you do not need a slide,
delete it to keep your presentation uncluttered.
Delete a Slide in Normal View
1 Click the View tab.
2 Click Normal .
Note: For more on Normal view,
see Chapter 2.
3 Right-click the slide you
want to delete.
The submenu appears.
4 Click Delete Slide .
PowerPoint deletes the slide.
Note: You can also click the
slide, and then press .
A Click the Undo button ( )
on the Quick Access Toolbar
if you decide you need the
slide and want it back in the
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