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Type and Edit Text on a Slide
Type and Edit Text on a Slide
You can type text into a placeholder on a slide so you can convey information to the presentation
audience through the written word. There are three types of placeholders that can hold text: title,
content (bulleted list), and subtitle. You simply click the placeholder and then start typing. You can
also go back and edit text you have already typed. Bullet points are discussion points, not detailed
sentences. Remember to keep them short.
Type and Edit Text on a Slide
Enter Text
1 With a presentation in Normal view,
add a Title and Content Slide.
Note: See the section “Add a Slide” in
this chapter to learn how to add a slide.
2 Click the title placeholder.
The insertion point appears and the
“Click to add title” text disappears.
3 Type your text.
4 Click outside the placeholder.
A PowerPoint adds the text.
5 Click the content placeholder.
6 Type your text.
7 Press .
B The insertion point moves to the
next line.
8 Repeat Steps and for all bullet 7
points for that slide.
9 Click outside the placeholder.
PowerPoint adds the text.
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