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Type and Edit Text on a Slide
Writing and Formatting Text
Edit Text
1 Click anywhere within a title,
subtitle, or text placeholder.
2 Click the existing text where you
want to change it.
The insertion point appears where
you clicked. You can press
to delete text to the
left, or press to delete text
to the right of the insertion point.
3 Press
This example deletes the number ‘2.’
4 Type any text you want to add.
This example types the text ‘Two.’
5 Click and drag over one or
more words.
6 Press
PowerPoint deletes the
selected text.
Why does my placeholder say, “Click to add text”?
Will this appear if I print or run my presentation?
That is simply an instruction to let you know that
this placeholder currently has no text entered in it.
The words and the placeholder neither print nor
appear when you present the slide show. When you
click the placeholder to type, it disappears.
When I type text in Outline view, where does it
Text that you type in the Outline tab appears on the
currently displayed slide. The top-level heading in a
slide corresponds to the title placeholder on the slide.
Second-level entries become the bullet items in the
text placeholder. Third-level entries are bullet items,
and so on.
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